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People use notebooks for different purposes such as writing down personal notes, journaling, writing notes in meetings and even noting down short reminders. Therefore, nothing feels more special than having your brand, or style on your favourite notebook. This is a guide on how to get a customisable notebook online or a branded notebook.

What is a Customised Notebook

This might seem so obvious but some people have no idea of what customised notebooks are. The answer to this is that the term refers to a notebook that has been specially made according to the specifications of the owner. For instance, a person can have their photo printed on their notebook and they can even choose the colours they want. You can have anything printed on your notebook, and you can choose the style that suits you most.

Finding Unique Personalised and Branded Notebooks

The internet has made everything easier and it is possible to find customisable notebooks online. Various sites offer these services and you can easily find them online, customise your notebook and they will print it out for you. You can make your personalised notebook fit for any purpose, be it school work, the office, university, journaling, or even making your notes. Most sites display custom notebook and journal ideas that can guide you as you make your copy.

What can you Customise

It is the choice of a client on what they are going to customise. People can customise travel journals that they use to capture every detail of their trips and even tell stories. The most common custom notebooks are the personal ones that people use to write notes in school, at work or even at home.

Types of Customisable Printed Notebooks

There are so many types of custom notebooks that can be found online. Basically, you can personalise your notebook according to your preference and liking. Here are some of the types of notebooks you will find online:
• Fully Customised and Printed Notebooks -each notebook is fully personalised and customers get to choose between already-personalised notebooks or they can personalise a new notebook into what they want. For fully branded notebooks, the options found online include professional hard-wearing covers, lined or plain paper, a large number of pages, and you get to select either an A6, A5 or an A4.
• Photo Notebooks-as mentioned earlier, the internet has made everything possible and you can easily upload one of your favourite pictures onto the site and have a notebook with your photo. This is a special notebook since every time you write on it you will always be reminded of that special moment in the form of a picture. All you have to do is upload the photo, and use a photo editing tool to enhance and improve how the photo looks.
• General Branded Notebooks-these are notebooks that have been designed for various occasions such as Christmas, graduation, birthdays, weddings, baby showers and even thank you notebooks. This category has so many notebook options and you can find whatever design you want.
• Engraved notebooks-the perfect option for clients looking for class. Engraved notebooks are the most colourful and stylish customisable notebooks. They are the best when it comes to adding your initials or names. They have a touch of professionalism and elegance. Apart from that, they also have other features such as an elastic fastener, maps, and a monthly planner.

Making a Custom Notebook

There are moments that a person can have a brilliant idea and they hardly forget it. This idea can be a brand, a unique name or even a piece of art. The best way to preserve this idea is by having it engraved on a notebook that you will probably have for the rest of your life. Custom notebooks give people an opportunity to have special memories, names or ideas printed out into something tangible. Such a notebook is easy to make as long as you have the internet and the basic idea. However, for people who don't have a clear idea of how they want their customisable notebook to look like there are plenty of ideas that can be found online. It doesn't matter whether you would like to personalise the notebook with pictures of family or friends or even fill it with personal words. Get those ideas, be creative and print notebook that you have designed on your own.
Examples of Notebooks and Features
Hardback book-it is a high-quality product and comes in A4 or A5 size. In most cases, these notebooks have 160 to 200 pages and the paper is of high quality.
Refill pads-these are customisable, made with high-quality paper and they are glued at the top.
Twinwire-you get to choose from different sizes of twinwire notebooks ranging from A4 to A6.
Notebooks will come in softcover or hardcover with a dust jacket and 3 bookshelf-ready sizes: 13×20 cm, 15×23 cm, and 20×25 cm.

How to Design a Customisable Notebook

Online sites that offer this service have various online design tools that help clients navigate their way around the site and they also have a step by step guide that helps you through the process of designing your own custom notebook. Here is an overview of how to create and print your notebook:
• Choosing the product-there are various types of notebooks ranging from A4 hardbacks to A6 spiral Twinwire notebooks. All you have to do is choose the type of product you want and start the process of personalising your notebook
• Choosing a design-there are design templates available online but a client can also build their design. It is possible to create your design and upload it online
• Personalising the notebook-this is the most important step since it will determine how your notebook will look like. You can use a design tool to choose a design for the front, spine and back cover of your notebook. The design tool helps you choose colours, images, shapes, and texts.
• Extras-after all that is done, you then choose any other unique features you want and the number of notebooks you want to be delivered.

After this process, you will have your branded notebook ready within a short while.

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