How can travel agencies help a country’s tourism evolve ?

travel agencies

It’s said that travel agents are not only traders. They also collaborate to  the development of the economy of a country. What is your opinion about it ? Here are some facts which will make you think of the travel agencies’s impact on  tourism and on the country’s development.

Travel agencies are great help for tourism

As a matter of facts, travel agencies collaborate to the development of a country. As every one knows, travel agencies help their customers to choose the perfect destinations made for them.  They are planning their trip and they are providing their customers with  housings and their means of transport. Indeed, they are showing the beauty of a special country and make tourists attracted by it. Besides, by the help of travel agencies, a country may strengthen its tourism. The more tourists come, the better it will be for a country. So, a country should consider the fact that travel agencies lay a very important role for the development of a country.

Development of travel agencies involve development of tourism

Nowadays, travel agencies has developped. They created travel websites and travel forums for their customers. Besides, they are more open to the travelers. Indeed, travelers will save time and money. Travel agents will facilitate their work. Online travel agencies better their life. They may receive instant anwers to their questions. They may post their reviews and their comments. They may share their experiences with travels in travel forums. They may search on their own but may ask for further details online. So,  we may say that  by this novelty  in the field of tourism , government’s economy  will flourish at most.

As a conclusion, the main role of travel agencies are to attract tourists. Then, tourists will be interested by a country and it will boost its economy. Besides, the development of travel agencies involve the development of tourism. By the fact that travel agencies better their customer’s life, they will better the tourism too.To conclude, as travel agencies and government should work together,  government should put clear infrasctructure to establish travel agencies’compliances with the law. Without the help of travel agents, the country’s income may decrease.

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