Why travel agencies should be more open to their customers


Travel agencies are many today. They have to face up a rough competition. The only way to make the difference is the fact that some travel agencies decided to be more open to their customers. Indeed, travel agencies decided to create an online travel agency, and  travel forums for you.

The creation of travel websites and travel forums

Travel agencies created travel websites and travel forums to be more open to their customers. The reason why they did it may be competition. Travel agencies have to be aware of  the new technology. They will have to satisfy their  customer more. As travelers are more and more interested in websites, travel agencies have to follow and satisfy their needs. So, they created online travel agencies and travel forums. Online travel agencies propose a pleasant holidays at a low price. Travel forums will help the customer to share his experiences with other travelers. So, becuase of competition, travel agencies propose bette service for their customers. They had to be more open.

The advantages got by the travelers are many

Travelers needed better service and they got it. Online travel agencies is planing their trip, from the begining until the end. They propose the destination, the mean of transport, and the house rentals. Online travel agencies save traveler’s money an time. Travel agencies are now available 24 hours a day and 365 days a week. And travelers have the opportunity to run through them wherever they are with internet access. And by the help of travel forums, travelers may now meet new friends who share the same passion, and may now shares experiemces with them.

As a conclusion, travel agencies had to be more open to their customers because of competitions. In fact, they had createds online travel agencies and travel forums to better their customer’s life. Travelers , now, will get personalized trip and the best hotel or car rentals . if they have problems, a trevel agent is always there to make instant answers. On the other hand, travel forums allow the travellers to share their passion, experiences and reviews with thei friends. Travelers may ask questions if they need further informations. They may post comments an reviews also.

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